12 Days of Christmas is a demo that The Boss and The Boss' Brother did as the glee characters, on December 20, 2010. It was released on December 24th 2013. you can listen to it here.


1st day: Artie
2nd day: Santana
3rd day: Finn
4th day: Quinn
5th day: Mercedes
6th day: Puck
7th day: Brittany
8th day: Rachel
9th day: Sunshine
10th day: Kurt
11th day: Sue
12th day: Will

Voice ActorsEdit

The Boss as Santana, Quinn, Puck, Rachel, Kurt and Will
The Boss' Brother as Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Brittany, Sunshine, and Sue


  • FIRST singing demo they had ever done as the Glee characters
  • Five days later after recording this, they posted the first glee spoof, Just Say No to Boys (which was not written yet when they recorded the song)
  • Was done with zero practice, which is why The Boss claims their voices were not developed yet.
  • Here you get to hear the Boss and her brother do voices for characters they do not to in the spoofs (Kurt, sue, Puck, ect).