A Cube of Sugar is a series of audio posts where Vanessa Simgies would rant about Sugar's random absences from Season 4 episodes of Glee, as well as other things that she finds disturbing.

So far, two episodes have been released. A Cube of Sugar also includes songs performed by Sugar. All of this is done by Brianna Johns.


Name Airdate Plot Image
Episode Date Summary ACOS
Episode 2 March 15th, 2013 A rant about absenteeism ACOS
Episode 3 March 21st, 2013 Sugar discusses - Movie Mash-up Week, Mr. Schue’s Ratchet Ass Wedding, Blaine, Sam’s near nudity, Finn’s lack of a teaching degree, Emma’s wedding woes, Tina Cohen Cray-Cray, and Mr. Schue’s sexuality. ACOS
Episode 4 August 30th, 2013 Sugar and Kurt have a heart to heart about Blaine, rag on Rachel and her “relationship”, and bitch about Tina. Special Guest Star Michael Aguilar as Kurt. ACOS


To be added (table)

My Name is Sugar (Call Me Maybe Parody)

A Day in Sugar's Life (I'm So Popular)


  • The Boss has said that she will not be spoofing Season 4, but since Sugar rants about Season 4 here, this is the closest thing to a Season 4 spoof.
  • All songs are written and sung by Brianna Johns.