A Visit from the Dead
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date June 1, 2014
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A Hit On the Head
A Lying Bitch in Our Midst
 A Visit from the Dead is the seventh Pretty Little Liars spoof that has been done by SIMGM.


The girls get a visit from GASP someone they never thought they'd ever, never, ever see!


Sim CastEdit

  • Shay Mitchsim (Shay Mitchell) as Emily Fields
  • Troian Bellisimio (Troian Bellisario) as Spencer Hastings
  • Lucy Simale (Lucy Hale) as Aria Montgomery
  • Ashley Bensim (Ashley Benson) as Hanna Marin
  • Sasha Pietersim (Sasha Pieterse) as Alison DiLaurentis
  • Nia Seemples (Nia Peeples) as Pam Fields
  • Lesley Fersim (Lesley Fera) as Veronica Hastings
  • Holly Marie Sims (Holly Marie Combs) as Ella Montgomery
  • Laura Leighsim (Laura Leighton) as Ashley Marin
  • Lindsay Simaw (Lindsay Shaw) as Paige McCullers
  • Sean Farsim (Sean Faris) as Detective Holbrook

Voice Cast Edit


Pretty Little Liars Spoof 7 - A Visit

Pretty Little Liars Spoof 7 - A Visit