Sim artie


Artie's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Artie Abrams in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoofs.

Season TwoEdit

Shut up b*tch, I know you ain't got no stutter.

—Artie to Tina, Season 2 Spoof Episode 1

When did we become friends?

—Artie to Mike and Puck, Season 2 Spoof Episode 3

We have penises, duh.

—Artie to Quinn, Season 2 Spoof Episode 5

Slap that ass and make her call you "Papa Wheels".

—Artie to Finn, Season 2 Spoof Episode 7

Season ThreeEdit

Is this the Twilight zone?

—Artie, The Brown Unicorn Project

Artie: So this is what it feels like to be a background character.
Tina: Welcome to the club.
Artie: Its like we don't exist.

—Artie and Tina, Pot of Asian Gold


Believe me when I say, baby, I could flip your switch and turn you on.

—Artie while talking to a lamp, Santana's PSA