Beth Corcoran
General Information
Played by Unknown
Based on Unknown
Voiced by "The Boss"
Singing voice by "N/A"

Beth Corcoran is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is based on the character on Glee with the same name.


Season TwoEdit

Season 2 Spoof Episode 1Edit

Beth's first and only appearance in the second season is in this episode, during a flashback when Quinn and Puck see her for the first time. Quinn tells Beth that she loves her, and that she will completely disregard her storyline in Season 2.

Season ThreeEdit

She makes her second appearance in Pot O' Asian Gold when Shelby lets Quinn and Puck babysit for her, but Quinn decides that she'll go off and go and do something stupid. In her mind she is thinking that Quinn is a crazy bitch, and for some reason, Puck hear this.


  • Quinn constantly gets Beth's name wrong. The only time she has called her by her correct name is in Just Say No to Boys. In Pot O' Asian Gold, Puck also gets her name wrong.
  • Incorrect names given by Quinn to Beth include Kara, Susan, Mary (by Puck) and Jessica.
  • Sim!Beth was actually carried by Sim!Puck. The Boss did this with a hack, so that Beth could have Puck's eyes.