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Blaine's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Blaine Anderson in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.

Season 2Edit

No, I think her little obsession with her first true love is...cute.

—Blaine to Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt, Girl's Got Issues

We wanted to properly say goodbye to you 'Warbler style'. Were gonna miss you 'Lemon Drop'.

—Blaine to Kurt, Neglect This Way

Season 3Edit

I've been working on keeping my eyebrows still.

—Blaine to Artie, Beiste and Emma, Mash Time

Blaine: You sounded really great with the Warblers. You make a great new leader for the guys.
Sebastian: God you are so cute. I'm finding it difficult not to crawl across this table, slather you in honey, and lick you from toe to eyebrow.

—Blaine and Sebastian, Mash Time

Brad Simtt: The first rule about fight club; don't talk about fight club.
Blaine: Well...what if it slips out in a song accidentally or-
Brad Simtt: Don't. The next thing you need to know about-
Blaine: Is being shirtless a mandatory thing? I'd rather wear a tank top with some matching gym pants, and hair gel is a must.

—Blaine and Brad Simtt, Hold On to A Girl

Kurt: He had the best sideburns.
Blaine: I'll let that one slide.

—Blaine to Kurt, No Michael/Yes Elvis

Sebastian: Sure, but I'd like to add a little color to Kurt's hair first.
Blaine: No, not his hair!

—Blaine and Sebastian, No Michael/Yes Elvis

Puck: Dude, it's just a slushie...
Blaine: Oh it my eyebrows look okay?

—Blaine and Puck, No Michael/Yes Elvis


Kurt: I like the color red. Do you like the color red? Do you think the color red has a taste? And what would it taste like if it had a flavor that could be tasted?
Blaine: ... do you wanna sing about it?

—Kurt and Blaine, Santana's PSA

Blaine: Its all about joy and love, and singing....s-singing songs!
Kurt: Blaine don't you dare break out into song-
Blaine: Ahhh-
Kurt: Its almost time for our guests to arrive!

—Blaine and Kurt, Christmas Special

Blaine: What's there to do, when Kurt's taking a number 2!
Kurt: Blaine!

—Blaine and Kurt, Kurt's Problem With Blaine