Blaine-Sebastian Relationship
Nickname Seblaine
Intimacy Level Former One-sided crush
Former Friends
Possible Enemies
Status Never Dated
The Blaine-Sebastian Relationship, commonly known as Seblaine, is the relationship between Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe on the SIMGM's Glee Spoofs. The interest in the relationship was one-sided on Sebastian's end.


Glee Season 3 SpoofsEdit

Mash TimeEdit

At the Lima Bean, Blaine tells Sebastian that he sound really great with the Warblers and that he is a great new leader for them. Sebastian then starts to flirt on him ignoring that Kurt is listening. Blaine introduces Kurt to Sebastian. They start to insult each other and finally Kurt tells Blaine to say goodbye to Sebastian as they are now leaving. Sebastian states that when Blaine gets bored of Kurt he will comeback crawling to him. Kurt advises him to be careful as "nobody messes with Kurt Hummel". Sebastian is left alone.

Yes Elvis/No MichaelEdit

At the Lima Bean, Blaine, Kurt, Santana, Artie and Rachel get together to talk about their Elvis set list. Sebastian appears and confesses that he and Blaine have been video chatting at night and when they were singing Blaine accidentally told him about the New Directions set list. Sebastian states that the set list is now The Warblers set list. Santana tries to defend the group but Sebastian reveals that his father is an attorney, making Santana to regret what she was saying. Sebastian states that he’s the new captain of the Warblers and he’s out for blood. Blaine suggests an Elvis dual between the New Directions and The Warblers. At an underground parking, both groups are ready to start the dual but Sebastian suddenly throws a slushie to Kurt but Blaine gets in the way to protect him. Sebastian and The Warblers leave and Blaine starts to cry because the slushie burns. 

On My Big BrotherEdit

Blaine is part of “Brittany and The Unicorns” along with Brittany, Santana and Kurt. They meet Sebastian to talk about the bullying he’s been doing to the New Directions. To intimidate him, they show him a video about a 2005 Music Idol audition. In the audition video, Sebastian is rejected by the three judges in seconds, leaving him crying. Sebastian agrees to stop the bullying so they don’t show the video to his friends.