Brianna Johns is a cast member on SIMGM. She is the current voice of Sugar and is also the voice of Harmony in the episode Hold On to A Girl.


Voice ActingEdit

Brianna provides the voices for the following characters:


  • Apart from the Boss and her brother, Brianna is the person who has voiced the most characters in the spoofs, not counting extras.
  • Brianna wrote a song parody of "Call Me Maybe", called "My Name is Sugar". .
  • Brianna hosts, as Sugar, a series of audio posts called A Cube of Sugar where she would rant about several things in Season 4 of Glee.
  • Among other brilliant ideas, Brianna came up with the idea of doing TinyChats for the employees (aka fans).
  • Brianna suggested the idea for "Her Head is On Fire" and wrote the lyrics.
  • In addition to providing voices for multiple characters, Brianna also works as SIMGM's resident promo/PR gal.
  • A lot of the great ideas for promoting Simgm came from Brianna because the Boss is too indecisive at times.
  • Brianna wrote and performed an original rap entitled, "A Day in Sugar's Life (I'm So Popular).
  • Recently, she was cast as a principal actor in Jimmy Buffett's latest music video, "Too Drunk to Karaoke " featuring Toby Keith.
  • Brianna has met members of the actual Glee cast.
  • During summer 2013, Brianna became eligible to join SAG-AFTRA aka the Screen Actors Guild.
  • Since voicing the character of Sugar, many of her friends now refer to her as "Sugar" in real life.