The Brittana Q&A was a podcast which was released on the SIMGM tumblr page in 2011. It was a series of questions which were answered by Santana (voiced by The Boss) Brittany (voiced by The Boss' Brother)

Mercedes plays a minor part towards the end of the podcast.

Things mentioned by Brittany and SantanaEdit


  • Her favourite food is Brittany.
  • She believes any date which was planned by Santana is the perfect date.
  • Her favourite memory with Brittany was when they were in pre school during recess.
  • Lives in Lima Heights Adjacent because it won't let her live anywhere else.
  • It hurt her feelings when Brittany called her Banana.
  • She sometimes goes commando.
  • Likes vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top.
  • Has a shrine of Heather Morsim in her closet.
  • Doesn't know what Faberry is.
  • Lord Tubbington steals her cigars.
  • Has a great friendship with Mercedes.
Faith 6


  • Her favourite food is melted cheese with vegetables.
  • It is implied Lord Tubbington ate charity.
  • Her favourite memory with Santana was when they were children and they used to get ice cream at The Ice Cream Parlor.
  • Doesn't know what a tumblr is.
  • The last cat Lord Tubbington dated was found under the couch dead.
  • Artie blinded her from the truth that bananas are edible.
  • Knows what color Santana's undergarments are.
  • Had her first kiss with her teddy bear and it was 'sweet and tender'.
  • Thinks a Faberry is a berry coming out in 2014.
  • She has a video of a horse in a racecar on eBay called "A Night in Faberry".
  • Wants to be an adult when she is older.
  • Has a smoking pussy.
  • Knew dolphins were gay sharks all along and thinks everyone needs to catch up.