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Brittany's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Brittany Pierce in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.

Season TwoEdit

Quinn: Hello ladies and welcome by another G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. meeting. Now..
Brittany: Quinn?
Quinn: Yes, Brittany.
Brittany: What is G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. stand for again?
Quinn: Brittany, I've told you three times already what it stands for...It stands for 'girls-whose-story-lines-revolve-around-their-boyfriends'.
Brittany: Oh, yeah

Quinn and Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

Artie has cute glasses. He reminds me of a turtle.

—Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

Santana: Sup Brits?
Brittany: Do I know you?
Santana: Brittany, It's me, Santana.
Santana: ...your best friend.
Brittany: Hey look, there's Artie. Bye Helga.

Santana and Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

Tina: Yeah we need to change. And with hope, change is what we're going to do.
Brittany: Oh my god. Are you President Obama?
Tina: What?
Brittany: Are you like in disguise? 'Cause if you are, that's a really good costume.
Quinn: Brittany, that's not Obama, that's Tina.
Brittany: That's what he wants us to think.

Tina, Brittany, and Quinn, Just Say No to Boys

Rachel: We’re gonna show this high school that girls need not to be codependent on their boyfriends. We can have a story line that doesn’t revolve around them. We are independent. Are you ladies with me?
Brittany: Amen

Rachel and Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

I wonder how fast (Artie's) wheelchair can go on a roller coaster track, with me on his lap. That would be super hot.

—Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

I murdered two stuffed animals in my sleep last night... There was so much cotton.

—Brittany, Lazy Directions

Santana: Brittany.
Brittany: Oh, hey... banana?
Santana: Santana.
Brittany: Whatever.

—Brittany and Santana, Lazy Directions

This is so hot.

—Brittany, Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel

Brittany: Hey, how come you're not sitting with us at lunch today?
Santana: I just don't feel like being around a certain person right now.
Brittany: The lunch lady?
Santana: No.
Brittany: Artie?
Santana: That would be the person. Do me a favor Britts. Roll him off the Niagara Falls.
Brittany: There's no way I can fly to Africa and be back in time for Spanish class.

—Brittany and Santana, Girl's Got Issues

Brittany: Santana, we're supposed to be best friends, forever, through thick and chocolate.
Santana: I know Britts, it's just... wait...chocolate?

—Brittany and Santana, Girl's Got Issues

Brittany: We've had so many good times together. Like remember that one time?
Santana: Brittany, that happened like literally 15 seconds ago.
Brittany: It was a great moment.

—[Brittany and Santana, Girl's Got Issues

Your face is whack.

—Brittany, Neglect This Way

Santana: Go get us some food, Berry. I wants to get my eating on.
Brittany: I can't tell you how many times I've heard her say that.

—Brittany and Santana, Neglect This Way

Season ThreeEdit

Brittany: Unicorn (I'm sad).
Santana: I know Brit, I know.

—Brittany and Santana, The Brown Unicorn Project


Santana? I accidentally dropped an apple down your toilet and now it’s flooding.

—Brittany, Santana's PSA

You've been a bad girl, Santana

—Brittany, Santana's PSA

Once I dreamed I was eaten by a waffle and when I woke up, I was covered in syrup

—Brittany, The Glee Club Gets Tested