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Brittany and the Unicorns Was a group, or also considered a gang, that was first seen in “On My Big Brother”. They accomplish to beat Sebastian as he was bullying the New Directions, or trying to steal Blaine from Kurt.

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On My Big BrotherEdit

In the Lima Bean, Kurt and Rachel are surprised by Sebastian, who shows them a photoshoped picture of Finn with Mr. Schue. Sebastian tells Rachel not to perform at Regionals or the picture will be uploaded. After being bullied on Yes Elvis/No Michael and seeing that Rachel and Finn are only arguing in an egocentric way, the group, or gang, is formed. 

They meet Sebastian in a backstreet. Brittany reveals the group name but the other members start to argue that they should be called in a different way. Blaine thought they were "The Starkids" but Kurt reminds him that he was the only one who voted for that name. Santana suggest to be called "The Underboobs".

The group tell Sebastian that they refuse to be bullied. They show him a video about a 2005 Music Idol audition that they found after they caught Brittany's cat Lord Tubbington hacking, as he's part of the CIA (Cats Internet Anonymous). In the audition video, a nerdy looking Sebastian is rejected by the three judges in seconds, leaving him crying. Sebastian agrees to stop the bullying so they don’t show the video to his friends. After Sebastian leaves, Blaine suggests that he can sing a theme song for the group but only Brittany encourages him.

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  • All members are LGBT characters. 
  • Only Brittany and Kurt agreed with the group name. 
  • Although Finn and Rachel were the most affected because of the Sebastian's photos, neither of them helped the group, just like in the real Glee episode.
  • The name is a reference to the groups sexuality.
  • Blaine wanted to name the Group "The Starkids", is a reference to Blaine's real life actor Darren Criss, who was originally famous for being apart of a Theatre Group called Starkid.