Chicago is a musical which is performed in the Glee spoofs, whereas in Glee itself West Side Story is performed.


Chicago is a broadway musical, about Chicago in the 1920's, focusing on Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and their trials to freedom. Roxie is having an affair with her husband Amos, with a man named Fred Casely. Roxie is terrified to hear that Fred has been lying to her, and kills him. She goes to a womans prison, where she meets Velma Kelly, an ex-performer at night shows in Chicago who killed her sister and husband. She finds out that for a sure shot way of becoming free, is to have silver-tounged Billy Flynn, as her lawyer.

In the SpoofsEdit

In Pot of Asian Gold, Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones both try out for the role of Roxie Hart by singing When You're Good To Mama as a "diva-off", much like in Glee itself when Rachel and Mercedes sang 'Out Here On My Own'. Unfortunately for Mercedes, Rachel gets the part. It is also revealed that Santana Lopez was cast as Velma Kelly.

In Mash Time, the New Directions and Troubletones girls sing Cell Block Tango, with the lyrics changed to match their personalities. Funny Honey, which was to be sung by Rachel and Shelby Corcoran, was also intended to be in this episode but was cut.

Songs FeaturedEdit


  • Rachel Berry as Roxie Hart
  • Santana Lopez as Velma Kelly
  • Tots as Tater
  • Quinn Fabray as Crazy Lady
  • Mike Chang as Asian Part
  • Noah Puckerman as Extra
  • Rory Flanagan as an Irish Dude