These are some of the most notable quotations from the glee spoof episode Choke Somebody with Prom Glee-ver:

On the count of three, you will wake up, get a diet Coke, pour the drink over your body and sing Purple Rain backwards.

Sue Sylvester

If you're not Rachel, Kurt, or Finn, you have no future.

Will Schuester

Why don't you both cream together and let me watch?

Brittany Pierce, to Rachel and Mercedes

Wade: Yes, I'm-
Mercedes: Don't care. Go away.
Wade: But I-
Mercedes: Go away.
Wade: I just wanted to-
Mercedes: Go away.
Wade: You can't-
Mercede: Knock knock
Wade: Who's there?
Mercedes: Go away

Mercedes and Wade

Joe: Quinn.
Sam: Ah, Quinn.
Joe: Boner.
Sam: Joner.
Joe; Sex.
Sam: Strip club sex.
Joe: Jesus though.
Sam: Old school, bro.
Joe: Ugh.
Sam: Ugh.

—Joe and Sam

I see you're dressed as Lea Michele tonight.

Quinn Fabray, to Rachel

Mike: Dinosaurs.
Tina: Shut the f**k up Mike.

Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang