Chord Oversim
General Information
Gender Male
Age 25
Born February 17, 1989

Chord Oversim is the sim version of Chord Overstreet. He plays Sam Evans in all of the SIMGM Glee spoofs, and he is currently is voiced by Will Moring , however he used to be voiced by The Boss.



Glee Cast Discovers Glee SpoofsEdit

Chord attended Glee Live. He is not shown on the plane, as Naya Simera states that he has a cold and is in the back resting.


  • Used to be voiced by The Boss, now voiced by Will Moring.
  • Was the only cast member who was in Glee Live 2011, but was not featured in Glee Cast Discovers Glee Spoofs. This is because Will was on vacation at the time and unable to send in lines. Coincidentially, Chord Overstreet had temporarily left Glee at the time.
  • Was King Triton (from the little Mermaid) for Halloween 2012, and a satyr for Halloween 2013.
  • His twitter is @ChordOversim