These are some of the quotations from the Special Video, the Christmas Special.

Kurt: Well, speaking about having friends over, I guess our guests will be arriving soon.
[Nothing happens]
Kurt: I said, I think our guests will be arriving soon.
Mercedes: [behind door] Is that our cue to go in?
Rachel: Did we miss it?

Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel

[Rachel is standing in front of the camera]
Mercedes: Rachel, what are you doing?
Rachel: Hello, everyone out there in television land, I’m Rachel Berry.
Mercedes: Get out of my sh-

Rachel and Mercedes

Rachel: What a lovely home you h-.. Finn, Noah, what are you doing here?
Finn: We thought we were in this scene.
Puck: Isn’t this where we come in?

Rachel, Finn and Noah Puckerman

Kurt: Mercedes, Rachel, we have some threats cooking in the oven for you both!
Mercedes: Oh, I think I know what it is! Christmas Tater Tots! There’s nothing like it.

Kurt and Mercedes

Kurt: [To Quinn and Sam] Kids, say hello to our guests.
Quinn: This is some bullsh-…. Hello, auntie Rachel and Mercedes.

Kurt and Quinn

Blaine: Well, it’s getting past your bedtime, kids. You better head upstairs, you two.
Quinn: What are you talking about, it’s only five o’clo-

Blaine and Quinn

Kurt: Our two co-workers are here to suggest some great gifts for this year.
[Shot of Brittany and Santana making out]
Kurt: GIRLS!


Kurt: It’s always lovely to have some nice Asian friends over for the holidays.
Tina: Merry Christmas everyo-

Kurt and Tina