Emma Pillsbury
General Information
Played by Jayma Simays
Based on Jayma Mays
Voiced by The Boss' Brother
Singing voice by The Boss' Brother
First appearance Lazy Directions
Last appearance Goodbye National Props

Emma Pillsbury is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is based on the Glee character with the same name. She is played by Jayma Simays, the Sim equivalent of Jayma Mays.


Season 2Edit

Emma doesn't like Will Schuester's grapes and his teaching method. However, during a session with Quinn and Rachel, it seems like she was having troubles with losing her virginity, due to her emotional distress between two men. Later when she revels to Will that she divorced Carl, she yells at him for smiling while she is in pain.

Season 3Edit

In the beginning of Season 3, Emma is seen in the bed with Will revealing that they are a couple. She is later seen in a session with Rachel as she tries to subdue her "Finn Obsession", however Emma is unable to help Rachel, stating that she needs help and that she should befriend Kurt in hopes of curving the obsession. During the school's production of Chicago, Emma begins judging the auditonees along with Artie and Beiste. She is later seen cheering for New Directions at Sectionals. In Episode 5 she receives her first solo - the episode revolves around how Will should propose to Emma, finally deciding to host the proposal at a farm. Despite her hatred for farms and the amount of filth that surrounds her, Emma still agrees to the proposal.


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  • Along with Quinn and Mercedes, she swears a lot.
  • Hates Will's grapes.
  • One of three characters (so far) to have had a solo in the spoofs. (The other two being Rachel and Blaine)


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