These are some notable quotations from the SIMGM Glee spoofs minisode Fondue For Two Part 2.

Finn: Can we talk about football?
Brittany: Um, I guess, I mean you do like tossing things.
Finn: Yeah, like-
Brittany: My girlfriend out of the closet.

Finn and Brittany, Fondue For Two Part 2

Quinn: Why do you keep asking these questions?
Rachel: Yes, why do you keep suggesting that Quinn and I are in some sort of lesbian relationship?
Brittany: I ship Faberry.

Quinn, Rachel and Brittany, Fondue For Two Part 2

Brittany: Why aren't you a redhead?
Rory: Because I'm a brunette!
Brittany: Then your not Irish.

Brittany and Rory

Blaine: Why didn't you tell me you had a problem with my singing?
Kurt: How can I when you're always singing?
[Blaine starts to cry]
Kurt: And here come the tears.
[Light dim and music begins to play]
Kurt: Oh look, he's doing another solo.

Blaine and Kurt