Some quotations from the glee spoof season two episode Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel.

Tina: You need to calm down.
Rachel: No, I don't, Tina! And by the way, I forgot you were in this show, I'm glad you have a line. Congratulations.

Tina and Rachel

Mercedes: We ain't mean to you hot mamma.
Rachel: Bullsh*t!

Mercedes and Rachel

This is so hot.

Brittany, About an angry Rachel

But it's fine. You wanna know why? Because while you guys are stuck in this god forsaken f*ck town, I'll be in New York living my dreams. And you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna mail each of you mother f*ckers a post card that says f*ck you b*tches I'm on Broadway. So go ahead, pick on me, mock me, throw slushies. I don't give a f*ck.

Rachel Berry, to New Directions

Rachel are you looking for attention again?

Will Schuester, to Rachel

Sam: I'm not stupid.
Quinn: So you keep saying.

Sam and Quinn

Quinn: So I heard there was an Avatar convention coming up soon, wanna go?
Sam: No.
Quinn: Why?
Sam: Because we're breaking up.
Quinn: Why?
Sam: Because Santana showed me the light and we're dating now.
Quinn: Why?
Sam: That I don't know. But I do know she won't cheat on me like you did.
Quinn: .... Why?

Quinn and Sam