Some quotations from the Glee Season Two spoof, Girl's Got Issues.

Finn: [Reading out loud] meet me in the audi- ahh-audi..
Rachel: [Voice over] Sound it out Finn.
Finn: The audi-audi-...aquarium?
Rachel: [Voice over] THE AUDITORIUM, FINN. MEET ME IN THE F**KING AUDITORIUM. Meet me in the auditorium during lunch! Please?

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry

Mercedes: You need help girl.
Blaine: No, I think her little obsession with her first true love is cute.
Kurt: Yes, cute... in a borderline psychotic kind of way.

Mercedes, Blaine and Kurt, On Rachel's obsession with Finn

Emma: Is it so wrong that I don't want my cherry to be popped by my sexy husband because i secretly want to be with another guy, and i sometimes day dream about this other guy while I'm making out will Carl? I mean its my virginity. There should be no claim on my f**king virginity! Sometimes I just want to lock myself in the bedroom and finish this with my own devices!

—Emma Pillsbury