These are some of the quotations from the fourth minisode, Glee Cast Discovers Glee Spoofs.

Darren: That was the best concert ever!
Ashley: Who gave this boy coffee?
Darren: I didn't have any coffee.
Lea: I had five cups.
Dianna: Isn't that a bit much Lea?
Lea: Save the Horses.

Darren Simss,Ashley Sims, Lea Michsim and Dianna Simgron

I didn't know my eyebrows did that.

Darren Simss

My sim looks sexy!

Amber Simley

Are they still b*tching about the baby?

Ryan Simurphy

Fox Worker: Tina, Mercedes and Mike barely talk.
Ryan Uh.. okay, remind me who they are?

—A worker and Ryan Simurphy