Glee Spoof
Christmas Special
Video 3
Air date December 22, 2011
Duration 6:02
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The Christmas Special is the first special minisode in the Glee spoof series. It was released on December 22nd 2011. It is a spoof of the Glee Holiday Spectacular from Glee's episode Extraordinary Merry Christmas.


The Glee Club hosts a Christmas Special...and everything goes wrong.


Sim CastEdit

Voice CastEdit

  • The Boss as Rachel, Quinn, Santana, Will and Mike
  • The Boss' Brother as Blaine, Brittany, Mercedes, Finn and Artie
  • The Boss' Sister as Tina
  • Michael Aguilar as Kurt
  • Scott Carter as Puck
  • Will Moring as Sam
  • Jordan Atkins as Sue
  • Nathan (Smartynation) as Rory

Minisode QuotesEdit

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  • This is the first minisode spoofing an episode of Glee rather than simply being viewer filler.
  • As of this minisode, Matthew Morsim and Amber Sim are renamed Matthew Morrisim and Amber Simley respectively.
  • At the end of the minisode is an advertisement for That is All I Want For Christmas. However, the song was not released until March 2012.
  • This is Rory's first appearance in the spoofs, although chronologically his first appearance is in Pot of Asian Gold.
  • Sam is in this minisode but not in Pot of Asian Gold or Mash Time because the episodes are being released chronologically, and the Christmas Special was not released in its chronological order. This left many viewers confused.
  • It is the first Brittana kiss ever, in the spoofs and in the real series.


  • it’s the William McKinley High School glee club Christmas special, with your host
  • Kurt and Blaine
  • Along with Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman
  • Brittana
  • This Irish dude
  • The Asians
  • Quinn Fabray and Samuel Evans
  • Also, Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones


CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Glee Spoof Special

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Glee Spoof Special