Glee Spoof Originals is a album released by SIMGM. It contains a collection of songs, both orignal songs, and songs of original arrangements, as previously featured in the Glee spoofs. All songs have been remastered, and you can hear a comparasion here.

You can buy it on iTunes here for $3.99.

Track listEdit

track number Song Sung by Episode
1 Obsession of Finn Rachel and Finn Girl's Got Issues
2 We Had Our Chance Santana and Brittany N/A
3 Clinically Insanely Crazy For You Rachel and Quinn Cut from Prom Rumours
4 The Blaine Song Blaine Prom Rumours
5 Smack That Rachel and Jesse Prom Rumours
6 Roses Finn Hold On to A Girl
7 It's Gotta Be Love With You Santana and Brittany Hold On to A Girl
8 Glee is Shitty/So Shitty Lea and Dianna N/A
9 Terms and Conditions Naya Simera N/A
10 Glee Stopped Believin' New Directions Goodbye National Props


Glee Spoof Originals (PROMO)

Glee Spoof Originals (PROMO)