On July 11, 2014, The Boss opened a Gofundme project so people can get rewarded for paying to help her upcoming projects like Gleedo. The goal was to reach 1,500 dollars in a week to recieve the Glee Spoof sim downloads, but was unsuccessful. People are currently still donating, as you can donate too here.


  • $450 + Shipping: New microphones for Gleedo cast members.
  • $74.90: Buying a new digital audio workspace.
  • $300: Complete the Simgm Imdb pages.
  • $9.99 Per Song, $50 Per Album: Pay renewals to songs on iTunes as well as putting new songs up.


  • Unicorn Love ($5): A big thank you and virtual hug from Simgm!
  • Chair Kicker ($10): Special thanks on thank you video and shout out on twitter.
  • Number Wah ($25): Special thanks in the thank you video, shout out on twitter and 1 custom ringtone.
  • No-Teeth Singer ($50): Darren & Chris Pack: 1 personal audio from Chris, 1 personal audio from Darren, 1 Darren Simss ringtone, Twitter shout out.
  • Two-Shot Love ($100): Heather & Naya Pack: 1 custom Heather/Naya pic, 1 personal audio message, shout outs on their twitters, and downloads of Naya's singles.
  • Save the Plans! ($125): Lea & Dianna Pack: 1 personal audio message, 1 ringtone, 1 Quiet Down digital album download, 1 custom Simschim pic, and 1 shout out on the sims' twitters.
  • The Boss ($150): The Boss Pack: 1 merch item, Gleedo Pilot private screening, special thanks on twitter, 1 personal audio from Boss, download of Glee Spoof Originals Album.