Hold On To A Girl Still

Still from "Hold On to a Girl"

These are some of the most notable quotations from the episode Hold On to A Girl.

Finn: Wait a minute.
Mr. Schue: Finn! Are you ok? Do you need a heating pad? Water? Medicine? A massage?
Santana: How is he allowed near schools?

Finn Hudson, Will Schuester and Santana Lopez

Finn: Glee is about accepting who you are without worrying about what other people think.
Quinn: Then we're all in the wrong club.

—Finn Hudson and Quinn Fabray

Sugar: Are they like...married?
Mercedes: We're not sure.

—Mercedes Jones and Sugar Motta, On Finn and Will

What did you have for lunch, onions and ass?

Santana Lopez

Rachel: I told you to brush twice after every meal.
Finn: What does combing my hair have to do with this?

—Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson

Santana: Do they always have to copy this?
Kurt: I'm Kurt, bitch.

Santana Lopez and Kurt Hummel

We didn't have enough people before Rachel was suspended. Do you people know math?

—Quinn Fabray, On performing at Sectionals

Will: Okay, guys. I know we're in a bit of a rut-
Quinn: Not completely. I have big plans.
Mike: There she goes again...

—Will Schuester, Quinn Fabray, and Mike Chang

Why don't you guys practice while I go in the corner and clap like a seal.

Will Schuester

I really don't get this d*mn show sometimes!

Mercedes Jones

They're training me to be like Rachel. I'll be forgotten after this episode.


Rachel: Were you going to tell on Shelby about her affair with Noah? Answer me.
Quinn: Maybe...
Rachel: Damn it, Quinn! How many times do I need to have a deep conversation with you before you stop all this?
Quinn: Sorry...
Rachel: Bad Quinn! That's a bad Quinn! Now, get out there and sing. There'll be a treat in it for you if you hit all your notes right.
Quinn: Really? I can have a treat?
Rachel: Yes. Now get out there!

—Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray

Quinn: I can still remember when I was eighteen and now here I am, at seventeen, a woman.
Brittany: I wish I could age backwards. Diapers were awesome.

—Quinn Fabray and Brittany Pierce

Girl: God, I've been holding that in forever! Those girls can talk for a long ass time!

—Girl in the bathroom stall, after she farted