Khloe Kardasim is a central character featured in The Kardashians Spoof. She is the third-born of her sisters Kourtney and Kim. Just like her older sisters, Khloe also thinks her mother Kris is annoying. Khloe has a verbal tic of a whiny "Oh my God!" and declaring almost everybody around her to be a "stupid bitch". Sometimes she'll call Rob her "beautiful baby brother" and has a super close bond with him. She sometimes calls her younger sister Kylie her "beautiful baby sister". Khloe would label herself as "a fighter and a survivor" when anything untoward happens to her but manages to live through it, to the annoyance of her older sisters. Oftentimes, she is arch-rivals with her sister Kim and frequently sides with Kourtney against her. She is the founder of her product "Booty Booty Pop Juice". A recurring gag throughout the spoof is her possession of booty hole pictures, which she posts on her social media platforms.

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