Kurt's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Kurt Hummel in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.

Season TwoEdit


Rachel: come this scene hasn't ended yet?
Kurt: Oh, I'm getting my 'extra-special-Kurt-screen-time'.

—Kurt to Rachel, Lazy Directions

Did someone say gay?

—Kurt, Lazy Directions

Well, i'll be on my way. Blaine and I are due for a walking down the hallway holding hands in slow motion scene.

—Kurt to Finn, Girl's Got Issues a...'borderline-psychotic' kinda way.

—Kurt to Rachel, Blaine and Mercedes, Girl's Got Issues

Now that the adults are gone, let's talk man to 'well groomed man'.

—Kurt to Dave Karofsky, Neglect This Way

Where's ma crown?

—Kurt, Prom Rumours

Kurt: Mr Schue, Shouldn't we have worked on the songs back home so we would have more time to practice here?
Will: No time for logic Kurt.

—Kurt, New York Funeral

Season ThreeEdit

Bitch Please, I'm Kurt Hummel!

—Kurt to Rachel, The Brown Unicorn Project

Will: And it will be called... The Brown Piano Project!
Kurt: That was the best you could do?
Will: Shut Up.

Kurt, The Brown Unicorn Project

No one messes with Kurt Hummel.

Kurt, Mash Time



Kurt to Blaine, Kurt's Problem With Blaine

Kurt: I like the color red. Do you like the color red? Do you think the color red has a taste? And what would it taste like if it had a flavor that could be tasted?
Blaine: ... do you wanna sing about it?

—Kurt and Blaine, Santana's PSA

Kurt: Our two co-workers are here to suggest some great gifts for this year.
[Shot of Brittany and Santana making out]
Kurt: GIRLS!

—Kurt, the Christmas Special

Brittany: Kurt, does Blaine's singing get on your nerves?
Blaine: Kurt loves my singing....right puffy bear?
Kurt: question please?

—Kurt to Blaine, Fondue For Two Part 2