Kurt-Blaine Relationship
Kurt and Blaine
Kurt and Blaine in The Brown Unicorn Project
Nickname Klaine
Intimacy Level ??
Status Dating
The Kurt-Blaine Relationship is the relationship between Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson in SIMGM's Glee spoofs, known as Klaine.


Season Two SpoofsEdit

Girl's Got IssuesEdit

Blaine and Kurt are at the Lima Bean along with Mercedes and Rachel. There they discuss Rachels obsession with Finn, which Blaine thinks is cute, to which Kurt responses "In a creepy borderline psychotic kind of way".

Neglect This WayEdit

Kurt decides to transfer back to McKinley. Blaine and the Warblers make a surprise appearance at McKinley to sing a song goodbye to Kurt, but are interrupting by a female student who doesn't want them to sing during her lunchtime.

Prom RumoursEdit

Finn and Rachel think that Kurt is cheating on Blaine with Sam, after seeing Kurt exist a motel room with Sam and hugging him. When Rachel confronts Kurt on it he brushes her of. It turns out Kurt Wasn't cheating, but just helping out Sam and his family who recently lost their house and are extremely poor.

Kurt and Blaine go to McKinley's Prom together. When it is announced that, as a joke, Kurt is prom queen, Blaine tries to comfort him expecting him to be upset. Kurt however goes on a rant and demands for the crown to be given to him as if he didn't mind being voted Prom Queen.

New York FuneralEdit

At the Lima bean Kurt tells Blaine all about New Directions trip to New York, an concludes that he had a pretty good year because he has a boyfriend, even though Kurt goes on to bitterly state that Blaine got more solos and screen time then him.

Season Three SpoofsEdit

The Brown Unicorn ProjectEdit

Kurt and Blaine are seen at The Lima Bean, and kurt trying to guilt trip him to convince him to transfer to McKinley High. When Blaine refuses Kurt's eyes turn red, his voice turns slightly demonic and he tells Blaine if he doesn't transfer he'll regret it. Blaine soon transfers, leaving Kurt in shock. Kurt watches Blaine perform Great Balls of Fire in the courtyard.


Kurt's Problem With BlaineEdit

Kurt confronts Blaine and tells him that he is a Obsessive Compulsive Singer.


Sang Together (In a Group Number)Edit

Related SongsEdit

Great Balls of Fire as sung by Blaine in The Brown Unicorn Project