Laura Hollis
General Information
Based on Laura Hollis
Voiced by The Boss
First appearance Terms of Endearment
Last appearance Three Vampires on a Trapdoor

"So Betty is still missing and I'm pretty sure that bitch is dead."

Laura Hollis

Laura Eileen Hollis is a character from SIMGM Carmilla Spoofs. She is based on the Carmilla character of the same name.

Biography Edit

Laura is oblivious to Carmilla, and she also is super attracted to Danny on Season One. At the second season, she's Carmilla's girlfriend and is constantly distracted by her.

Season One Edit

Terms of Endearment Edit

Laura speaks how Betty is still missing - and probably dead - and how she failed her midterm. Carmilla asks if Danny could change the grade, but Laura refuses. Carmilla says she would change the grade for her, but Laura replies it would be unethical. Carmilla then says she would whisper the answers, but Laura replies saying that would be cheating. Carmilla then says she would walk a thousand miles to see her smile, but Laura says that would be tiresome. Later on, with LaFontaine in the room, Laura says to Carmilla they have to fight her mother AKA the Dean, but Carmilla replies by treating that as a joke and explains how The Dean is super crazy and then complements Laura accidentally, making Laura confused. Laura ignores this and asks to Carmilla if she isn't a centuries-old badass, but Carmilla says it takes yoga to do that.