These are some of the quotations form Lazy Directions.

Finn: Mr. Schue, I got an idea.
Will: Let's hear it Finn.
Finn: Well... I think we should sing a song.
Will: That's a great idea Finn! I love it!

—Finn to Will Schuester

Will: I can't understand whats going on with the group.
Emma: Will, why the f*ck are you in here?
Will: What?
Emma: All you ever do is bitch and moan when you come in here.Can't you ever stop by to say hello?
Will: Uhh.. I-
Emma:No you can't. Its always bitch, bitch bitch, and whine, whine whine.
Will: Emma-
Emma: We all know the real reason you're in here. You're trying to get into my pants and you're using your glee club as a cover up.

—Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury

Rachel: come this scene hasn't ended yet?
Kurt: Oh, I'm getting my 'extra-special-Kurt-screen-time'.

Kurt to Rachel

Did someone say gay?