These are some of the most notable quotations from Mash Time.

I've been working on keeping my eyebrows still.

Blaine to Artie, Beiste and Emma

Wow, sh*t just got real.That's my cue to bounce.


Blaine: You sounded really great with the Warblers. You make a great new leader for the guys.
Sebastian: God you are so cute. I'm finding it difficult not to crawl across this table, slather you in honey, and lick you from toe to eyebrow.

—Blaine and Sebastian

Rachel: Finn and I are considering
Brittany: Ew.

Rachel and Brittany

Santana: Seriously, don't. Especially not with Finn. That's ten seconds of my life I'll never be able to get back.
Tina: Santana, come on. Be serious.
Santana: You're right. Five seconds.

Tina and Santana, On having sex with Finn

Quinn: Wow. Santana "Badass" Lopez fainted? Wish I had been there.
Santana: Why? So you can draw pornographic pictures of it on the bathroom stall like you did with Berry?
Quinn: That was some of my best work!

Quinn and Santana

Rachel: Finn, that dinner was amazing! Who knew a meat substitute could taste that good!
Finn: Substitute?
Rachel: Yes Finn, I'm a vegan I don't eat actual meat!
Finn: I didn't use a substitute...
[Rachel goes in the bathroom to throw up]
Finn: Rach, i'm sorry! I didn't know you were a vegan I forgot!
Rachel: F*CK YOU FINN!

Finn and Rachel

Santana: Hold it right there Tiny Finn
Finn: How'd you get into my house?
Quinn: You left the door unlocked, idiot
Brittany: We're here to save Rachel's virginity
Rachel: What?
Santana: You heard her. Now leave
Santana: Leave or I'll drags you out
[Rachel leaves the room and a car's engine is heard]
Finn: You can't just do this
Quinn: Oh, but we already did
Santana: Cheer up Finny boy. It'll only take you like two seconds to take care of yourself
Finn: Three

—Santana, Finn, Quinn, Brittany and Rachel