Mercedes-Tots Relationship
Nickname Totcedes
Intimacy Level One-sided obsession
Status Never dated

The Mercedes-Tots Relationship is the relationship between Mercedes Jones and tater tots in SIMGM's Glee spoofs. The relationship is a running gag, particularly in the Season 2 spoofs where Mercedes would make a reference to tater tots at the end of every episode. In Season 3, while Mercedes no longer does tater tot endings, she makes references to them from time to time.


Season ThreeEdit

Goodbye National PropsEdit

In Tina's Dream, Mercedes suggests a tater tots number in which New Directions dance while she eat some tots. Back in real life, she sings on Glee Stopped Believin' adding Tater Tots! after the bridge.



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  • Totcedes is the only couple that the Boss ships, as she believes that "the relationship is emotional, raw and passionate".