Mike's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Mike Chang in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.

Season TwoEdit

Mike: Someone left a note in my locker saying I was Posh Spice and although I was flattered, it was totally uncalled for.
Brittany: I thought it was a compliment. You're totally a Posh Spice.

Mike Chang and Brittany Pierce

Mike: Take her to an Asian restaurant.

Mike, on how Finn should Get back together with Rachel, New York Funeral

Season ThreeEdit

Oh my Pac-man, the camera has been on us for more then three seconds!

Mike Chang, about him and Tina, The Brown Unicorn Project

Mike: Asian.
Mike Chang Sr: Asian F.
Figgins: Sterotype.
Mike Chang Sr: Stop doing glee club.
Mike: No.
Figgins: Well I'm glad we all talked this out.

Mike Chang Sr, Mike Chang, and Principal Figgins, Pot O' Asian Gold


I'm the most sensible guy here, but I don't speak too much.

Mike Chang, The Glee Club Gets Tested

I told you I should of ordered. Asians never dial the wrong numbers.

Mike Chang, Quinn's Summer

Brittany: Sometimes I forget you're in the glee club.
Mike: That happens.

Brittany and Mike, Fondue For Two