These are some of the most notable quotations from Neglect This Way.

we have penises.. duh.

Artie Abrams

Okay what in the f**kity-f**k-f**k was that sh*t?

Santana Lopez

Santana: I wants to get my eating on.
Brittany: I can't tell you how many times I heard her say that.
Santana: Brittany!
Brittany: What?

—Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce

Rachel : I'll go get you guys some fried chicken.
Quinn : I can't let you get me fried chicken.... I'll have fries instead.
Rachel: Okay. Can I get you girls anything else? Perhaps a healthy dose of F**k. A side order of kiss my a**.

Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray

Mike: Someone left a note in my locker saying I was Posh Spice and although I was flattered, it was totally uncalled for.
Brittany: I thought it was a compliment. You're totally a Posh Spice.

Mike Chang and Brittany Pierce