The New Directions is the glee club at William McKinley High School. It is run by Will Schuester.


Note: The member list is organised as when the members joined in the spoofs, rather than in Glee itself.

Current MembersEdit


Former MembersEdit

Sub GroupsEdit

Although New Directions is a club, multiple sub-groups have existed within it.

New Directions BoysEdit

Main article: New Directions Boys

As the name suggests, this group consists of the male members of New Directions.

New Directions GirlsEdit

Main article: New Directions Girls

As the name suggests, this group consists of the female members of New Directions.


Main article: G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B.

The G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. (Girls Whose Story Lines Revolve Around The Boys and formerly Girls Whose Story Lines Revolve Around Their Boyfriends) is a club that is first seen in Just Say No to Boys and once again in Goodbye National Props. It consists of the Glee Girls, who have storylines related to boys.

The TroubletonesEdit

Main article: The Troubletones

Originally a rival glee club, the Troubletones were formed by Shelby Corcoran after Mercedes, Santana and Brittany quit New Directions. After losing to New Directions at Sectionals, they rejoined New Directions in Hold On to A Girl, along with fellow Troubletone Sugar Motta, thus disbanding the group.

The God SquadEdit

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A religous club consisting of Christian members.

Setlists of CompetitionsEdit

Note: This only counts the competitions shown in the spoofs.

Nationals, 2011Edit

Episode: New York Funeral

Sectionals, 2011Edit

Episode: Hold On to A Girl

Nationals, 2012Edit

Episode: Goodbye National Props

Competition CostumesEdit

Nationals, 2011Edit

Sectionals, 2011Edit

Regionals, 2012Edit

Nationals, 2012Edit

Known SongsEdit

Below is a list of songs New Directions have sung as a group.

Season TwoEdit

Song Episode Solos by
Spice Up Your Life Neglect This Way Finn, Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Lauren, Quinn and Mike
Hello/New York, New York New York Funeral Finn, Santana, Rachel, Artie, Mercedes, Puck, Brittany and Quinn
Tonight Tonight Santana, Sam, Puck, Brittany, Kurt and Artie

Season ThreeEdit

Song Episode Solos by
Breakout The Brown Unicorn Project Rachel, Finn and Mercedes
Faith Pot of Asian Gold Finn, Rachel, Tina, Puck, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Quinn
Brighter than the Sun/Good Life Hold On to A Girl Tina, Kurt, Quinn, Blaine, Mike, Artie and Finn
All Shook Up No Michael/Yes Elvis Artie, Blaine, Rachel, Santana, Puck, Mercedes, Finn and Quinn
Glee Stopped Believin' Goodbye National Props Finn, Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, Blaine and Kurt


From time to time, Will gives the students an assignment, i.e. a certain theme of songs, for a particular purpose. Here is a list of songs given as part of an assignment.

Season TwoEdit

Songs by the Spice Girls (Neglect This Way):

Songs for Prom (Prom Rumours):

Songs for Nationals (New York Funeral):

Season ThreeEdit

Chicago Rehearsals and Show (Various Episodes):

Empowering Women (Hold On to A Girl):
Note: This assignment was set by Finn.

  • Roses by Outkast. Sung by Finn

Songs for Sectionals (Hold On to A Girl):

Songs by Elvis Presley/Proposal Songs (No Michael/Yes Elvis):

Songs for Nationals (Goodbye National Props):