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These are some of the most notable quotations from New York Funeral.

Quinn: You're breaking up with me at a funeral, Finn? Who the f**k does that?
Finn: I thought it would be the most appropriate place to do it. It's kinda like we're putting our relationship to rest.
Quinn: What, You have a headstone made for it too? "Here lies Finn and Quinn's relationship. He broke up with her at a funeral!"

Quinn Fabray and Finn Hudson

Tina: I'm so excited I feel like streaking through Central Park.
[Everyone stares]
Brittany: I'd be okay with that
Mike: Hey!

Tina Cohen-Chang, Brittany Pierce, and Mike Chang

Quinn:Well I don't know about you guys, but I have big plans.
Kurt: You've been saying that for hours now, what are this big plans?
Quinn: ...They're big.

—Quinn Fabray and Kurt Hummel

Puck: well if you're gonna get back with her, you should do it in style.
Finn: How?
Sam: Dude, buy her a pack of chap-stick.
Mike: Take her to an Asian restaurant.
Artie: Slap dat a** and make her call you poppa wheels.
[Guys stare]
... I regret nothing.

Puck, Finn, Sam, Mike and Artie, on Finn Getting back together with Rachel

Finn: I like the way you dream so big. I don't know how to do that.
Rachel: I know.

—Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry, At Bootay

I know. I'm so bad, I can't be tamed.

—Quinn Fabray

Quinn: I just want somebody to love me. How come I can't have a boyfriend?
Brittany: Because you keep cheating on them.
Santana: Brittany!
Brittany: What? It's true.

—Quinn Fabray, Brittany Pierce, and Santana Lopez

Rachel: Why must you speak like that? Why must you add an 's' where it's not necessary?
Santana: Shuts it, Berry
Rachel: See!

—Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez

You mess with bull, you get horns bitch.

Sunshine Corazon

I love you, Gingerbread-dough-sprinkle-lightly toasted-graham cracker-bunny

Blaine Anderson, to Kurt Hummel