Off Set Videos are videos of the actors shanigans off the glee set. Like minisodes, they do not specifically spoof episodes of Glee, and are instead created as filler for viewers. They are usually under 1 minute in length, however this may change if more videos are produced in the future. 

List of VideosEdit

Name Plot Image
Dianna Simgron Live Chat Dianna Simgron does a live video chat...what could go wrong?
The Coffee Monster

What happens when Lea Michsim gets on her 5th cup of coffee in the morning.

Tweeted by Dianna Simgron

A Wild Naya Simera Appears!

Cory Monsim shows off the new bushes on set, only to be interrupted by a wild Naya Simera.

Tweeted by Cory Monsim

Naya Simera Live Chat Naya Simera does a live chat...with some difficulty.
Help Simgm Dianna Simgron asks for the viewers' help to raise money for SIMGM.
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