These are some of the most notable quotations from Pot O' Asian Gold

Tina: wow that felt like first season for a second. I liked it.
Kurt: I really miss those days.
Mercedes: Well this ain't first season and I quit!

Tina, kurt and Mercedes after finishing singing Faith.

Mike: Asian.
Mike Chang Sr: Asian F.
Figgins: Sterotype.
Mike Chang Sr: Stop doing glee club.
Mike: No.
Figgins: Well I'm glad we all talked this out.

Mike Chang Sr, Mike Chang, and Principal Figgins, Pot O' Asian Gold

Rory: Brittany thinks I'm a leprechaun.
Finn: Brittany's an airhead.
Rory: I was told you are one, too.

Rory and Finn

Tina: Yeah, but Mercedes is still gone. There's no way glee club is going to make it without her.
Finn: We appreciate-
Tina: Shut the f*** up.

—Tina and Finn

Finn: Brittany, you guys just can't quit. We can't win without you.
Brittany: I can and I did. Have you seen my leprechaun? I can't find him.
Finn: Leprechaun don't exist. You need to grow up and stop being an idiot.
Brittany: Spell idiot.
Finn: W-What? W-Why?
Brittany: Do it!
Finn: Umm, H-
Brittany: Stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

—Finn and Brittany

If the rooster doesn't crow, that probably means it's time to take the milk out for a walk.

Shannon Beiste

Blaine, sit the f**k down. This is a Finn peptalk.

Finn Hudson, Pot O' Asian Gold

Kurt: Next, you'll probably do something to piss me off.
Rachel: Like running against you for senior class president?
Kurt: Yes.
Rachel: Plan on it!
Kurt: Bitch.

Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry, Pot O' Asian Gold