Principal Figgins
General Information
Played by Iqbal Thesim
Based on Iqbal Theba
Voiced by The Boss
Singing voice by N/A

Principal Figgins is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. He is based on the Glee character of the same name. He is played by Iqbal Thesim, the Sim equivalent of Iqbal Theba. He is the principal of William McKinley High School.

Season TwoEdit


Season ThreeEdit

The Spanish TeacherEdit

In the opening scene, he says to Will has taken it too far when he dresses racist to show the Latino culture. He then shows up in another scene when he is rudley cut off by coach Roz Washington when he was introducing her. Sue then tells both of them she is having a baby and the scene is cut from there.


  • On October 30th 2012, a fan tweeted Iqbal Theba (who plays Figgins on the real Glee), asking if he'd seen the spoof, and he retweeted their tweet (see here)