Some quotations from the season two episode Prom Rumours.

That's right! You better roll!

Santana Lopez, While chasing Artie Abrams

Mercedes: Way to step in before things get blown outta proportion, Mr. Schue.
Will: Be quiet. This is getting good.

Mercedes Jones and Will Schuester

Don't play coy, Pimp Fabray.

Rachel Berry, to Quinn Fabray

Sam: Should I also forget the fact you were a hypocrite in thinking I was cheating with Quinn even thought that's exactly what you were doing when Quinn and I were together?
Finn: Yes
Sam: Okay!

Finn Hudson and Sam Evans

Sometimes, you can't fight the power of Brittana.

Noah Puckerman, to Artie Abrams

Fruit. Punch. Bowl.

Sue Sylvester

Rachel: Stop it!
Quinn: Yeah, if you're gonna fight at least hit each other.
Rachel: You're embarrassing yourselves, really.

—Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray, During Jesse St James's and Finn Hudson's fight

Kurt: Are you F**king kidding me?
Blaine: It's okay sugar-fairy-Plum-Pie.
Kurt: No Blaine. What ya'll expect me to do, run out of here crying all devastated and sh*t? Well f**k that! In fact, f**k all you Bitches. You just hate me because I'm not afraid to be who I really am! I'm not fake! I'm not ashamed of what I am! So hardy har, the jokes on you! ... Where's my crown?

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, On Kurt winning the Prom Queen title.