Quinn's Quotations are some of the notably amusing, monumental or otherwise significant quotations made by Quinn Fabray in SIMGM's Glee spoofs.

Season TwoEdit


Quinn: I'm pregnant *pause* and Puck's the baby's daddy.

—Quinn to Finn, Just Say No to Boys (flashback to Season 1)

Quinn: Beth, just know mommy loves you *pause* and mommy will completely disregard your storyline next season.

—Quinn to Beth, Just Say No to Boys (flashback to Season 1)

Quinn: Hello ladies and welcome by another G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. meeting. Now-
Brittany: -Quinn?
Quinn: [frustrated] Yes, Brittany?
Brittany: What does "G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B." stand for again?
Quinn: Brittany, I have told you three times already what it stands for *pause* It stands for "Girls Whose Story Lines Revolve Around Their Boyfriends".
Brittany: Oh yeah.

—Quinn and Brittany, Just Say No to Boys

Season ThreeEdit

Quinn: You need rest, and that is why you should let us babysit Susan.
Puck: Her name is not Susan, Quinn! It's Mary!
Shelby: It's Beth!

—Quinn, Puck and Shelby, Pot of Asian Gold

Quinn: Keep an eye on Jessica while I go and do something stupid.

—Quinn to Puck, Pot of Asian Gold

Quinn: So, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight and have... coffee.
Puck: I'm not much of a coffee drinker.
Quinn: By coffee I mean SEX.

—Quinn and Puck, Hold On to A Girl

Mercedes: So, how you've been? It's been a while since we've talked.
Quinn: Oh, you know me and my big plans.
Mercedes: How's the situation with Beth?
Quinn: Who?
Mercedes: We need to find you some help girl

Mercedes and Quinn, No Michael/Yes Elvis

Will: Guys, I'm going to propose to Emma.
Quinn: Allow me to show you my excitement.
[Poker face]

Will and Quinn, No Michael/Yes Elvis

It always freaks me out when he decides to actually teach.

—Quinn on Will, No Michael/Yes Elvis

Rachel: Quinn, I need to talk to you about something important.
Quinn: That building was already on fire when I got there.
Rachel: What?
Quinn: What?

—Quinn and Rachel, No Michael/Yes Elvis


Santana: I’m Santana Lopez.
Quinn: [in background] Santana Hoe-pez.
Santana: You really want to go there, Miss I-loves-to-cheat-all-day-every-day?

—Quinn and Santana, Santana's PSA

Quinn: While Santana has a quick bathroom break, allow me to tell you about a story I wrote titled "Penises and Wine Coolers: A Dangerous Combination".
Santana: Fabray, what the f*ck?

—Quinn and Santana, Santana's PSA

Kurt: [To Quinn and Sam] Kids, say hello to our guests.
Quinn: This is some bullsh-... Hello, auntie Rachel and Mercedes.

—Quinn and Kurt, The Christmas Special

Blaine: [To Quinn and Sam] Well, it's getting past your bedtime, kids. You better head upstairs, you two.
Quinn: What are you talking about, it's only five o'clo-[stops and goes upstairs resignedly]

—Quinn and Blaine, The Christmas Special