Quinn-Puck Relationship
Nickname Quick
Intimacy Level Parents
Status Ex's


The Quinn-Puck Relationship, commonly known as Quick, is the relationship between Quinn Fabray and Noah Puckerman in the SIMGM's Glee Spoofs.

Season Two spoofsEdit

Last season Puck and Quinn had a daughter named Beth, who they gave up for adoption, and Beth was eventually adopted by Rachel's birth Mother Shelby Corcoran.

During season two they don’t even remember what happened last year, and Quinn is now interested in Sam and later again in Finn, and Puck with Lauren Zizes.

Season Three SpoofsEdit

Shelby is back in town with Beth, and Puck drags a punk'd out Quinn to see her. Shelby demands that before Quinn can see Beth she get under control. During New Direction's dance boot camp, Quinn come in looking like her old self. Puck thinks she is back to normal but Quinn reveals it is all a ploy to steal back Beth for them. After volunteering to babysit for Shelby, Quinn leaves Beth with Puck while she does something stupid.

Puck then cheats on Quinn with Shelby, leaving Quinn angry and hurt.