Quinn-Sam Relationship
Nickname Fabrevans
Intimacy Level Ex's


Status Broke up in Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel

The Quinn-Sam Relationship, commonly known as Fabrevans, is the relationship between Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans in the SIMGM's Glee Spoofs. The relationship ended in Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel as Quinn cheated on Sam.


Glee Season 2 SpoofsEdit

Just Say No to BoysEdit

Quinn wants to be an independent woman as she refuses to kiss Sam telling him that she doesn’t need him. But later, at Breadstix, Quinn tells him they're going to the movies on Friday and asks him to pick her up. When the guys interrupts the G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B meeting, Quinn thinks that Sam looks cute and she wonder if he have been practicing his Prom King acceptance speech.

Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs FinchelEdit

In the auditorium, Sam founds out that Quinn and Finn are kissing. Sam repeatedly states that he’s not stupid but Quinn fool him telling that she’s saving Finn from hypothermia. Sam leaves the auditorium believing Quinn and telling her that she’s a hero.

At the library, Sam tells Santana that he suspects Quinn is cheating on him as earlier that day Sam confronts Quinn. Quinn denies it, and Sam says he wants her to kiss Finn to prove that nothing is going on. She says that he's dumb, but Sam tells her to do it, saying that if she really cared about him she'd do it. Quinn and Finn are then seen making out, and Sam tells them to stop as "there's no spark", but they carry on.

Sam then breaks up with Quinn as he accept the offer of Santana to randomly get together, even though it's just to cover up her crush on Brittany. Quinn is left alone, wondering herself Why?

Prom RumoursEdit

Quinn helps Sam now that he and his family lives in a motel room. After a secret investigation by Finn and Rachel, they confront both because they thougth Quinn now was cheating on Finn with Sam. Sam gets angry and tell everyone the truth about Quinn and Kurt helping his siblings and him. 

Glee Season 3 SpoofsEdit

Hold On to A GirlEdit

After Sam re-joins with the New Directions, Quinn sees an opportunity to continue with her Big Baby Plans.  Quinn talks to him in the hallway, asking for him to be Beth's new baby daddy, and he says that she has "rich white girl problems". He says that it's a tough world out there, and recites his favorite lyric: "Hold on to sixteen for as long as you can". Quinn tells him that she was pregnant at sixteen, making both of them feel awkward.


  • Sam is the only Quinn’s ex-boyfriend to have not helped her with her plans as Finn was helping with her Prom plans and Puck with her Baby plans.

  • As Prom Rumours, Sam forgives Finn for stealing her ex-girlfriend.