Rachel Berry
General Information
Played by Lea Michsim
Based on Lea Michele
Voiced by The Boss
Singing voice by The Boss
First appearance Just Say No to Boys
Last appearance Goodbye National Props

Rachel Barbra Berry is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is based on the Glee character of the same name. She is played by Lea Michsim, who is the Sim equivalent of Lea Michele .


Rachel Berry has a major obsession with her boyfriend Finn Hudson. She is Shelby Corcoran's biological daughter, although she often can't remember this, and lives with her two gay dads, Hiram and LeRoy.

Season TwoEdit

Just Say No to BoysEdit


Rachel stalking Finn

first appears during a meeting of the G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B. club. Quinn tells her that she cannot attend the meeting because she and Finn aren't dating anymore; she is then shown in a flashback outside Finn's bedroom, stalking him. This is the first (of many) examples of her major obsession with him. Rachel then begins to join Quinn in rallying the girls to stand up and prove that they can have good storylines without their boyfriends, only to lose her resolve when Finn enters the choir room with the other boys. She blurts out that she wants Finn to be her baby daddy, at which he looks confused.

Lazy DirectionsEdit

Rachel is kicked out of glee club rehersals by Will Schuester because she constantly disrupts the club encounters with sugestions, even though he praises suggestions coming from the Glee Club boys, such as "I think we should sing a song", or "A song with music!". Because of her break up with Finn, she goes to Dalton Academy to ask Kurt for help, and he tells her to try and make him jealous, so he will want her more. She pays Glen (a red headed, Barbara-Streisand-loving version of Finn) to pretend to be her boyfriend, and they go on one date. However, at the end of it, Rachel gets angry that he is "too perfect", and comes to the conlusion that he is gay because he doesn't treat her badly like Finn used to. Later on, Rachel admits to Finn that she tried to make him jealous, and that they should try and go to friendship counselling, but he refuses to go because they aren't friends anymore.

Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs FinchelEdit

Rachel enters the choir room in a (hideous) dress which leads to her being mocked by the rest of the club. It leads

Rachel imagines going off on the rest of New Directions

to an outburst where she gives the Glee Club a piece of her mind (with lots of swearing). At the end of her rant, Will's voice brings her out of her rant, which is found out to be all in her head. Seeing her standing in front of everyone, Will asks her if she is looking for attention again, before seding her to the corner. In the hallway, Finn gives her a pep talk, but she doesn't accept it because he didn't defend her in the choir room.

Girl's Got IssuesEdit

Rachel sends a note to Finn's house telling him to meet him at the schools auditorium. Later when Finn meets up with her, she turns the auditorium to a beach backdrop, and asks Finn to go back out with her. He declines this, and it leads to her singing Obsession of Finn, in which he also sings and accompanies her on the drums. Her,

singing Obsession of Finn

Blaine, Kurt and Mercedes are having coffee at the Lima Bean, where Mercedes and Kurt point out that her obsession for Finn is slightly... obsessive. Quinn and Rachel are seen having counselling from Emma, which leads to another argument with Quinn.

Season ThreeEdit

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Season ThreeEdit


Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season 2



Solos with

Wannabe Neglect This Way New Directions Girls
Spice Up Your Life Finn, Mercedes, Kurt, Lauren, Quinn and Mike
Hello/New York, New York New York Funeral Finn, Santana, Artie, Mercedes, Brittany, Quinn and Puck
Tonight Tonight Santana, Sam, Puck, Kurt, Brittany, Artie, Finn, Tina and Quinn

Season 3



Solos with

Breakout The Brown Unicorn Project Finn and Mercedes
Faith Pot of Asian Gold Finn, Tina, Puck, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Quinn and Artie
Cell Block Tango (speaking line) Mash Time Brittany, Sugar, Santana, Tina, Artie, Quinn and Mercedes
Glee Stopped Believin' Goodbye National Props Finn, Tina, Mercedes, Artie, Quinn, Blaine, Kurt Santana, Sugar


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  • Along with Finn, sang the first original song, written by The Boss.
  • Is the Glee Club member who has appeared in most songs in the Spoofs.
  • Makes a perfect imitation of Quinn Fabray's voice.
  • Is obsessed with Finn.
  • Wants to be on Broadway.
  • Shelby constantly forgets that she is her daughter.


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