Santana's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Santana Lopez in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.

Season TwoEdit

What in the F*ckity F*ck Fu*ck was that Sh*t?!

Santana Lopez, Neglect This Way

Santana lopez

Season ThreeEdit

Santana: (To Rachel) Seriously don't. Especially not with Finn. That's 10 seconds of my life I'll never be able to get back.

Tina: Santana, come on. Be serious.

Santana: You're right. 5 seconds.

Santana and Tina, Mash Time

(To Finn) I'm sorry that every time that Rachel leans up to kiss you, it endangers her life, because that much craning could snap her neck in half. I'm sorry that you can't visit your family members back on the farm, because I know you feel homesick, every time you watch a cow get milked. And I'm really sorry that you and I wear the same bra size.

Santana, Mash Time

Santana: My Girlfriend, My Girlfriend. Politics and Latino.
Brittany: Santana,
Santana: Brittany is my Girlfriend. Equal Rights.
Beittany: Santana, I think they've got it now.
Santana: If I wanna kiss my girlfriend, I can. Rainbow Flag.

Santana and Brittany, The Spanish Heart


Santana: I’m Santana Lopez-
Quinn: [in background] Santana Ho-pez
Santana: You really want to go there, miss I-loves-to-cheat-all-day-every-day?

Santana and Quinn, Santana's PSA

Tina: Uhm, Santana? Can I have a line in your project?
Santana: Get the f*ck out of my shot.

Tina and Santana, Santana's PSA

Rachel: [Singing] Wondering free, whish I could be, Part of your wo-
Santana: What the f*ck are you doing, Berry?

Rachel and Santana, Santana's PSA

Can you hand me that pillow, Wheezy?
[Smacks Rachel with the pillow]

Santana, Santana's PSA

Quinn: While Santana has a quick bathroom break, allow me to tell you about a story I wrote titled: penises and wine coolers, a dangerous combination.
Santana: Fabray, what the f*ck?

Quinn and Santana, Santana's PSA

Santana: Then there’s the: I’m-gonna-get-naked-and-show-the-world drunk.
[Shot of Finn streaking down the street naked]
Finn: [Singing] Don’t stop believin’.

Santana and Finn, Santana's PSA