These are some of the quotations from the second minisode, Santana Exposes All.

Santana: I’m Santana Lopez
Quinn: [in background] Santana Ho-pez
Santana: You really want to go there, miss I-loves-to-cheat-all-day-every-day?

Santana and Quinn

Tina: Uhm, Santana? Can I have a line in your project?
Santana: Get the f*ck out of my shot.

Tina and Santana

Santana? I accidentally dropped an apple down your toilet and now it’s flooding.


I just want one line, just one!


Can you hand me that pillow, Wheezy?
[Smacks Rachel with the pillow]


Quinn: While Santana has a quick bathroom break, allow me to tell you about a story I wrote titled: penises and wine coolers, a dangerous combination.
Santana: Fabray, what the f*ck?

Quinn and Santana


You’ve been a bad girl, Santana


Santana: Then there’s the: I’m-gonna-get-naked-and-show-the-world drunk.
[Shot of Finn streaking down the street naked]
Finn: [Singing] Don’t stop believin’.

Santana and Finn

Kurt: I like the color red. Do you like the color red? Do you think the color red has a taste? And what would it taste like if it had a flavor that could be tasted?
Blaine: … do you wanna sing about it?

Kurt and Blaine

Believe me when I say, baby, I could flip your switch and turn you on.