Scott Carter was a voice actor for SIMGM. He took over the role of Noah Puckerman from The Boss, from Neglect This Way to The Spanish Heart.


Scott auditioned for the part of Sam during the open audition call made by The Boss prior to the release of the 5th episode of the second season spoofs. Scott auditioned using the lines given to him to read off of, more specifically the lines Sam said right before his audition to the Glee Club. Scott also sang "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum for his audition.

Scott was denied Sam's role (which was eventually given to Will Moring) but was offered the role of Puck instead because his voice fit the character more. Since then Scott has been voicing Puck's speaking and singing voice, however for the Season 3 spoofs Nick Conroy took over as Puck's singing voice, as it fit the character more.

From On My Big Brother onwards, the role of Puck is played by Kyle Price after Scott left for personal reasons. During his time voicing Puck, Scott controlled Mark Sallsim's Twitter account, which is now also controlled by Kyle.


  • Scott was one of the first people to voice a character in the spoof that wasn't in The Boss' family.
  • Scott deepened his voice slightly when voicing Puck
  • Scott finds it ironic that he voices Puck, as he considers himself very different from him. Puck is a womanizing jock, while Scott finds himself very much the opposite.
  • Had the idea to do theSim!Cast twitter RPG.