Shannon Beiste
General Information
Played by Dot Marie Sims
Based on Dot Marie Jones
Voiced by The Boss' Brother
Singing voice by N/A

Shannon Beiste is the football coach at William McKinley High School. She's married to Cooter Menkins as "Yes Elvis/No Michael". She tends to confuse people by her strange comments.

Shannon Beiste is a portrayed by Dot Marie Sims, the Sim equivalent of Dot Marie Jones, and voiced by the Boss' Brother.  


Season 3Edit

Pot O' Asian GoldEdit

Shannon, Artie and Emma make a "Diva-off" to see who will play Roxy for the school's production of the musical Chicago. She gives Mercedes and Rachel some confusing advice before the performance. They later chose Rachel for the role.

Mash TimeEdit

Shannon, Artie and Emma are watching a Rachel and Blaine rehearsal of the musical. When Artie starts to talk about sex, Shannon and Emma leave the auditorium with fake excuses, Shannon saying she has to go wax her lasagna.

Hold On to A GirlEdit

At Sue's office, Shannon begs Sue to forget about Cooter now that the elections are over because she need's him for a storyline. Sue doesn’t want because she needs him for a storyline so Shannon offers $20 and a ticket to Madonna’s next concert. Sue accepts the offer.

Yes Elvis/No MichaelEdit

While eating with Emma and Sue, Shannon announces that she and Cooter are now officially married. Emma tells her that she hardly even knows him, but Shannon states that the only thing that matter is that she loves him. She encourages Emma to get married too.


I think I'll go wax my lasagne.

Shannon Beiste, Mash Time

If the rooster doesn't crow, that probably means it's time to take the milk out for a walk.

Shannon Beiste, Pot O' Asian Gold