Sim-Con 2012 Panel
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Air date July 26th, 2012
Duration 10:29
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Sim-Con 2012 Panel is the 8th minisode, and the second special minisode, in the SIMGM Glee spoof series. It was released on July 26th 2012, and was based on the Glee panel at Comic-Con 2012.


The Glee cast is visting SimCon where fans can ask them questions.


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Sim CastEdit

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Additional Random FansEdit

Note: These people submitted questions to the cast as well as an audio recording of their question.
rainbowarcanine, hungryturtle1o1, Amy M, Jean M, magicmumu, SnowyDayz, Taylor, Dearbhla M, Rebecca B, Andrew M, Yang C, dedu98, Abby, Julia D, Krista, Molly K, Valeria C, Vanessa B, Astrid D, Swagerific-kid, ihavebigplansfortumbler, Saint-kat-shady, snsdz, dreamsweep, Rachel sydneybeans7777, Breezy D, Troll Parrot


  • The minisode spoofs Comic-Con, which some of the Glee actors attended.
  • Dianna Simgron was at Sim-Con, however Dianna Agron was not at Comic-Con.
  • This is so far the longest minisode.
  • This is the first time where nobody voices a Sim of the opposite gender.
  • This is the second time where the cast, rather than the characters, appear; the first being Glee Cast Discovers Glee Spoofs.
  • One of the fans who submitted a question is Yang Chen, who would later voice Ian Simnan in Brainstorming With RIB.


  • The Group
  • PhotoShoot
  • Cory at SimCon
  • Dianna at SimCon
  • Dianna and Darren at SimCon
  • Dianna Winking
  • Dianna talking
  • Everyone Looking at Darren
  • Everyone Looking at Dianna
  • Host for SimCon Glee
  • Jenna at SimCon
  • Kevin at SimCon
  • Cory and Kevin
  • Lea
  • Lea is shocked
  • Naya
  • Naya and Lea
  • The Cast Taking Their Seats


Main article: Sim-Con 2012 Panel Quotations


Glee Spoof - Sim-Con 2012 Panel

Glee Spoof - Sim-Con 2012 Panel

Glee Spoof - Sim-Con 2012 Panel