Not including the cast, The Boss also has other people that help, doing most of the background work.

SimGM wikiEdit

These are the people that run the SimGM wiki. 

The Wiki holds all information on everything SimGM. They run the site and make sure it stays updated and there is no false informations or spam. Without these people there would be no one to run this site.


Wiki Team:

Wardrobe CrewEdit

These are the people that make the clothes that is seen on the Sims in the spoofs. The Boss is very particular with every detail when it comes to the Glee Spoofs, and makes sure everything matches up with the actual show. The Boss Will take pictures of all the outfits needed for the episode, then divide them up and send them to the Wardrobe Crew. They then using Sims Bodyshop and photoeditor's make a Sim version of the outfits. Once they are done they package the file making sure everything is together ( the file, the mesh and a picture of what it looks like on a sim) they email to the Boss. The Boss will then download them and use them while filming the spoofs. 


To reach out and widen the fanbase, all spoofs/posts are translated into different languages by our Translators for others to enjoy.






  • Adam C.



Clothes SIMGM MERCHANDISE designsEdit

They design the products as seen on the SimGM merchandise.

Simgm confessions moderatorEdit

Simgm Facebook PageEdit

Runs the Facebook Fan page found HERE.


Simgm Spanish Facebook PageEdit

Runs the Spanish Facebook Fan page for the spanish speaking fans. found HERE



designs logos/banners/promotional artwork for SimGM. They provide high quality designs that are featured on SimGM's twitter, facebook, wiki etc.


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