Sims On Free Will 2
Video 2
Air date August 3rd, 2013
Duration 18:12
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Sims On Free Will 2 is a video posted on August 3rd, 2013, that shows the Sim characters on free will in game. It is the second video to show what goes on in game as the first one showed to have good reviews. Voice commentary by The Boss .


Now, all the Glee Spoofs cast are in the Base Camp (except for Damian McSimmmy).


From this video it is apparent that:

  • The first thing the cast ever does is eat, many of them loves cake.
  • Sometimes Harry Sim Jr. washes the dishes of other people.  
  • Some of the cast enjoy to play on the Food Service Truck. 


Sims On Free Will 2

Sims On Free Will 2